Bed 1 operations

Click on the link here to see the sequence of bed 1 photogrpahs from 2017 through 2022 and brief naratives of the work being performed.

Click on the link here to see action photographs representative of the site work to remediate the surface layer with the objective of supporting a vegetative cover, reducing leachate generation and allowing for clean stormwater runoff.

CE Ranch has made significant progress on Bed 1 at Copano to improve conditions, control dusting and work towards the objectives stated in the 9019 Agreement for closure in accordance with applicable TCEQ regulations. These remedial actions listed below have already occurred and will continue to be implemented over the next several years:

  • Application of organic materials such as woody mulch, hay, seed, and cotton-gin residuals continue to improve soil structure and add carbon, nitrogen, organic acids from decomposition and other nutrients. Volunteer vegetation covered quite a bit of the Bed 1 surface as a result of these activities.
  • Mechanical ripping, plowing and disking to mix and aerate the surface layer.
  • Using water from the Aransas Pass treatment system pumped through the pipeline and the former residue feed points to actively flush the upper layer of the residue to further neutralize alkaline conditions.
  • Application of gypsum to replace high sodium concentrations with calcium to allow for improved substrate.
  • Fertilization and seeding.
  • Ongoing management of stormwater runoff and leachate collected from the perimeter underdrain system.

The aerial photograph below shows current conditions and the progress we have made in the various areas of Bed 1.

Other actions taken throughout the copano site

Cattle roundup.

In addition, as part of its commitment to meeting the 9019 Settlement Agreement requirements, CE Ranch is currently conducting a series of maintenance,monitoringand operations actions at the Site, including levee repair, water management, dust control and foam control.  Those actions are summarized below along with a description of the current ranch operations.

Levee Repair and Maintenance: The interior and exterior levees of the Copano beds have been repaired and are being maintained to assure their integrity and stability to withstand significant storm events and provide containment for impounded materials.

Water and Stormwater Management

All stormwater and water used for irrigation and dusting prevention stays onsite and is ultimately controlled by evaporation.  In addition, stormwater collection and pumpsystems are in place to prevent discharge into the surrounding land or surface water bodies.  

Dust Control

Dusting events can occur on dry, flat surfaces during extremely high wind.  Since 2018, CE Ranch has implemented a series of successful dust control actions including promoting vegetative growth, covering with or applying water, scarifying and regrading levees, and placing hay or other organic materials over exposed areas.

Foam Control

Foaming events can occur as organic matter decays within impounded surface water.  Since 2018, CE Ranch has conducted successful foam control actions including managing impoundment water levels, installing barriers and applying anti-foaming agents.Admittedly those actions do not eliminate conditions that create foam, but rather minimize the potential for foam to leave the Copano property.

Ranch Operations

Since 2018, CE Ranch has expanded its cattle herd size,replaced and improved perimeter fencing, and has continued to harvest our hay fields.  Cattle round ups are held twice a year.  At the present time there are approximately 5,000 ac are used for grazing and hay production and at the present time there are 330 cows, 18 bulls, 6 heifers and 188 calves.