Bed 1_Chronological Aerial Imagery 2017 to 2022

Sherwin Alumina – Google Earth imagery shows hay placement and disking activities.

Sherwin Alumina – Google Earth imagery (Post-Hurricane Harvey) shows Offset/Perimeter and Borrow Areas retaining the stormwater runoff from the Inner Area.

Aerial photograph shows mulch coverage across a majority of the western half of the Inner Area and ongoing hay placement activities and tillage across the eastern area.  Triangle/sump area continues to be used for stormwater and leachate collection for subsequent pumping to Bed 2.

Aerial photograph shows hay and mulch placement areas along with the recently plowed areas. The construction of an all-weather road is ongoing to aide in material delivery.

Aerial photograph shows continued all-weather road construction and  placement areas for cotton gin residuals and mulch. Tillage activities (i.e., disking, plowing, ripping, etc.) also continue within the eastern area.

Aerial photograph shows hay, mulch, and cotton gin residual placement along with plowing and initiation of flushing.

Aerial photograph shows continued tillage, flushing and mulch and cotton gin residual placement. Volunteer native vegetation begins to appear in mulched areas.

Aerial photograph shows ongoing mulch placement, tillage and flushing. Gypsum placement has begun; grass and other vegetation is becoming very abundant within areas across the bed.

Aerial photograph show tillage (disking, ripping and plowing) activities along with gypsum and cotton gin residual placement. Topsoil continues to be placed within the Offset/Perimeter Area in preparation for reseeding.

Aerial photograph shows flushing, cotton gin residual, and mulch  placement. The vegetated areas have been disked and gypsum applied/flushed in for preparation to fertilize and seed. Repair of the Offset/Perimeter area is complete.